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The International Cargo Shipping to Netherlands Directory allows you to quickly find suppliers of logistics services in Netherlands.We list Netherlands shipping companies who can provide you with a low cargo rate for your international cargo shipping to or from Netherlands.Services provided are: Netherlands air cargo, Netherlands ocean cargo, Netherlands road freight as well as national and international movers to / in Netherlands.

Shipping services to Netherlands

There are many different shipping services to choose from when trying to get something to the Netherlands.  You can go with some of the larger companies such as FedEx or TNT Post or go with some slightly smaller, regional company such as Holland Ship Services.  Whichever way you choose to go, be sure to find out what method of tracking they offer, any regulations they follow, and any additional paperwork or forms for Customs that you should fill out before your package leaves your possession. 

Transit times when shipping to Netherlands

The time it takes to ship something to the Netherlands is determined by a few factors.  First and foremost where the package is being shipped from will make an impact on when it will arrive.  For instance if you ship something from Brazil it will take longer (typically) to get to the Netherlands then if you ship from some place in Finland.  This is because the latter example is geographically closer to the destination therefore it has a shorter distance to travel to get there.  It also depends on how you choose to ship something to your destination.  If you choose to Express mail it then it will arrive faster than sending it on an ocean cargo ship for instance.  Some items you don't have much choice and you will need to ship it a slower way, but other times you get to choose how fast you want it to get there and choose to pay a little extra for speed.  you can go on most shipping company's web sites and use their shipping time estimators on there to give you a better idea.

Preparing your shipment to Netherlands

The biggest thing you must remember when preparing you shipment to go to the Netherlands is to make your shipment is secure.  Pack your items in a box that fits it properly as you wouldn't want your items to be shaken around in an oversized box and get damaged.  If the box you have is too big for the item, then make sure to add in some filler or padding such as bubble wrap or foam peanuts.  This will help to protect your items from bumps and drops during the shipping process. 

Netherlands has International Shipping to: Amsterdam, Amsterdam - Schiphol International, Badhoevedorp, Beverwijk, Brouwershaven, Coevorden, Den Helder, Dordrecht, Eindhoven - Welschap, Enschede - Twente, Groningen, Groningen - Eelde, Hansweert, Harlingen, Heemskerk, Hellevoetsluis, Hilversum, IJmuiden, Lelystad, Maassluis, Maastricht Aachen, Middelburg, Moerdijk, Rotterdam, Rotterdam, Scheveningen, Schiedam, Terneuzen, Teuge, Texel, The Hague, Veenendaal, Velsen, Vlaardingen, Vlissingen, De Bilt, Hoek Van Holland, Leeuwarden

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