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Edu Books Direct Inc
Posted by: Joe Barnes

Good morning. I am with Edu Books Direct Inc and we are in need of a new International shipping company. We are a book wholesale company that specializes in educational books, although we do distribute other kinds of books. We are based in Honduras and we have just signed on a new reseller in New Zealand, which is quite a distance away. We need to find an International shipping company that can get our books to them in a consistent and reliable manner. The first pallet of books we would like to ship will be ready in about three weeks. We are hoping to have found the perfect fit for a new shipping partner before that time. And seeing how these are just books that we ship, we are open to different shipping speeds if they are available. On the whole, we can ship things very slowly to save on the overhead cost of shipping at a higher speed, if that makes sense or even applies to your business options. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks.