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International heavy equipment shipping United Arab Emirates

Heavy Equipment Suppliers World Wide Inc
Posted by: Harry Bluntner

Good evening. I am with Heavy Equipment Suppliers World Wide Inc and we are in need of a shipping company. Specifically, we need an International shipping company that can ship from our warehouses in Qatar to the United Arab Emirates to some new clients that we have procured there. The loads we would like to ship will be filled with heavy equipment. Examples of these would be bucket loaders, steam rollers and cement mixers. Most of the time our clients are contractors that deal with construction and such, and this is the case with our new clients in the United Arab Emirates that we are looking to get this load to quickly. We would like to ship as soon as possible, given we can find the right match for a shipping company. Please respond with all of your permitting information and insurance codes so that I can check that they are up to date.