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International office supplies shipping to Denmark

Secra Needs Unlimited
Posted by: Brenda Taylor

Secra Needs Unlimited is an office supply chain that caters to the specialty office needs of the up and coming businesses. We are based out of Hamburg, Germany but have a new client in Denmark, in Odense to be exact. I have been asked to gather some price quotes for shipping for shipping to them. I realize that since it will be an International shipment it will be a bit more expensive than a domestic shipment, which is why they powers that be want me to get a few quotes for them to choose from, I imagine. The first shipment is going to be about a pallet of office supplies. It will be filled with paper goods, such as labels and envelopes, as well as other office supplies like staples, tape and push pins. If you would like a complete list of what we are going to be sending, please ask and i will send it over for your review before you submit a formal quote.