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International document shipping to Brazil

Polarized Accounting Firm
Posted by: Jeff Mullady

The Polarized Accounting Firm is South America's leading accounting firm which handles all sort of business tax needs from the mundane pay roll to end of year taxes. We are looking for a company to partner with for our International shipments of documents to our clients in Brazil. We are head quartered in Peru so there will be the concern of getting through Customs and such, which should not be that big of a deal given we are just shipping documents. That being said, we fully realize that there is additional paperwork that needs to be on file for this sort of thing since we are not shipping within th country. If you could send a check list or something for us to follow for the appropriate documentation that you need to ship this paperwork, that would be greatly appreciated. I am hoping to find a shipping partner to help us within the next three weeks so we can start regular shipping after that time. Let me know if that time frame seems reasonable and if you have any questions before you can make a bid. Thank you.