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International furniture shipping to Romania

Furnishings by Design LLC
Posted by: Susan Ward

Good evening, I am with Furnishings by Design LLC and we have a furniture specialty shop located in Shuman, Bulgaria. We cater to the high end clientele seeking unique pieces for their home or office, some of them being custom made or one of a kind pieces. We have a client who just bought some pieces from us who lives in Craiova, Romania. I am looking for an International shipping company that can send the furniture to this client in the next few weeks. There are going to be six pieces in total. The hold up on shipping is because two of the pieces they ordered are going to be custom built to their specifications and they have instructed us to wait until the entire order is ready and then ship it all at once. Given the specialty of the shipment, we are interested in working with a company who offers insurance on the things they ship as well as has an impeccable track records for doing similar jobs in the past. Thank you for your time.