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International office shipping to Latvia

Jenkins Office Mates
Posted by: Leena Hopper

Hi there. I am with Jenkins Office Mates which is a temp service located in Birzai. Lithuania. We have actually outgrown our current office here, where we started about four years ago, and are going to be moving to Ogre, Latvia to have more space (along with a few other reasons). I have been asked to get a few price quotes together for my company to look over for shipping companies that can help us with this kind of International move, even though we are not going all that far. We would like to move by the end of next month. We are actually able to move sooner, if that works better for you, but our lease is up here at the end of of the month so we would like to not have to pay for the following month if possible. Please let me know if you can help us ship our office to our new location. Thank you.