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International material shipping Bosnia-Herzegovina

Gunning Supply Company
Posted by: Mary Gainer

Good evening. My company, Gunning Supply Company, is currently looking to fill an immediate opening for an International shipping company that can ship some materials to a client. The shipment in question will need to be shipped in the next five weeks in order to make the deadline we have agreed upon with our client. It will be shipping from here in Kuwait to Bosnia Herzegovina. The shipment in question is approximately four containers full of materials but that is subject to change. It is not uncommon for additional specs to be added to an order just before it heads out the door, in our experience. I can have a complete packing list for you in the next week if that would help you formulate a proper quote. Also, we are going to be looking only at companies who have their permits in place for such an International shipment as we can not afford to wait for them to be obtained.