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KPL Holdings
Posted by: Olivia Jenkins

Good morning all. I am with KPL Holdings and we have a few employees that we are transferring to our Hong Kong branch of operations. I have been asked to help them with a few logistical pieces of this relocation process. One of the pieces that I need to arrange for them is to have their automobiles shipped to Hong Kong. There are four employees in total that are going to be transferred to Hong Kong, each of them having one automobile that needs to be shipped. The tricky piece to this job is that all four autos are coming from different International spots. The first is coming from Lyon, France and it is a fairly good sized SUV. The second will be coming from Bilbao, Spain location but this auto is much smaller. It is only a two seater compact car. The third car will be coming from Turin, Italy and the fourth will be from Milan, Italy. Both the third and fourth cars are mid sized sedans. please let me know if you can be of assistance.