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The International Cargo Shipping to Qatar Directory allows you to quickly find suppliers of logistics services in Qatar.We list Qatar shipping companies who can provide you with a low cargo rate for your international cargo shipping to or from Qatar.Services provided are: Qatar air cargo, Qatar ocean cargo, Qatar road freight as well as national and international movers to / in Qatar.

Who ships to Qatar?

Cargo Experts, InchScape Shipping Services, MSC, and NVOCC are two of many companies that offer ocean freight shipping to Qatar.  This would be the ideal way to ship if you are moving from far away and have a little extra time to get your things there as this may be the slowest way to ship something, but also the most affordable in many cases.  If you are looking to ship something not so cumbersome, then you may want to look at Voovit, FedEx or UPS as going with a larger cargo shipping company may be overkill for your needs. 

Transit times when shipping to Qatar

Although you can ship to anywhere in Qatar with most companies, the time it takes to get to more rural recipients will be quite a bit longer in some cases.  There are some shipping companies that will require the recipient to come to a major city to collect their parcel as opposed to trekking it out to them.  This is not all that uncommon in more under developed areas.  Some shipping companies will require that you pay an additional fee for them to extend their delivery services out beyond the city.  As you can imagine this will tack on some time to the delivery schedule.  You should contact your shipping company for a better idea of when your parecl will be delivered and if it is subject to these extra fees and transit times. 

Shipping limitations to Qatar

Obscene materials, such as R rated movies, are forbidden to be sent to Qatar.  Tobacco, furs and playing cards are also prohibited materials to be shipped there, as are perscription drugs and any pork product.  You also are not allowed to send any jewelry valued at over $500.  A current list of the restricted items to Qatar can be found both with your shipping company and on their Customs web site and should be checked before shipping anything there to make sure your items are not on there list. 

Qatar has International Shipping to: Doha, Umm Said

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