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The International Cargo Shipping to Belarus Directory allows you to quickly find suppliers of logistics services in Belarus.We list Belarus shipping companies who can provide you with a low cargo rate for your international cargo shipping to or from Belarus.Services provided are: Belarus air cargo, Belarus ocean cargo, Belarus road freight as well as national and international movers to / in Belarus.

Shipping to Belarus

Shipping to Belarus is fairly straight forward assuming you follow their guidelines.  This is why it is good to check their current list of prohibited and restricted items so that you can adhere by them.  Most shipments will be held in the Customs department at the Minsk airport when shipped to the country as this is the major hub that receives shipments of all kinds.  Once it clears Customs (package has been inspected, documentation is in order, duties paid if applicable), hen it will be shipped out to the intended recipient fairly quickly. 

Required documents when shipping to Belarus

You will need to have some documentation filled out for anything you are shipping to Belarus.  These will include any permits you may need, if applicable, a Commercial invoice and packing list, a Certificate of Origin and a bill of lading most likely.  You can contact your shipping company before you send your parcel over there for specific details and copies of the forms you will need as well. 

Shipping limitations to Belarus

There is quite an extensive list of restricted items when shipping to Belarus which you should check as it is subject to change.  Some items are pretty universal such as drugs, weapons and radioactive materials.  They do have a strict restriction on publications of any sort that may be deemed harmful to their political beliefs so you will want to be wary when sending books or newspapers or something of that nature.  Currently there is a ban in place for all food sources such as meats and dairy products, but this is supposed to be temporary, giving you another reason to check before shipping there.  In additional to these items, you will find some difficulty shipping medications or veterinarian supplies unless you receive proper permits for doing so. 

Belarus has International Shipping to: Minsk

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