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Shipping to Belarus from the United States

I want information concerning shipping to Belarus from the United States. There is no rush for this package to be delivered, so I do not require information about express shipping. I only request information on normal shipping methods. The package weighs only 6 pounds, and is in a standard sized box that has the dimensions of 2 ft by 2 ft by 1 ft. So the package is not very large. What are your company's rates to ship this package to Belarus? Do you provide local pickup service? I have already prepared the package for shipping, so I do not require packing information, only shipping. Does your company offer any kind of guarantee that the package will be delivered undamaged? If not, might I purchase insurance that will cover the item while it is in transit? The package include several hand-held calculators that are to be delivered to a local school there in Belarus. This is why I have asked about your guarantees as the students are in need of these items. Thank you for replying to my questions and I look forward to reviewing the information that you email to me.