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International tool shipping to Belarus

Hinkle Grip Tools Co.
Posted by: Percy Handle

Good morning. Even though we, Hinkle Grip Tools Co., are based in Detroit, Michigan in the United States, we ship our products to over forty countries throughout the globe. We have recently acquired some new business in Belarus and need to get a handle on what our International shipping options are to that country, thus leading us to this site for help. We sell all kinds of tools, from table saws to screwdrivers to wrench sets to drills and drill sets. The wide array of products that we offer make it a bit difficult to give you a typical order that might be shipped because they can and will vary with each time that we send something out the door. For arguments sake, just assume the packages we ship will be bulky and on the heavy side of things. You are going to want to include all speeds for shipping to Belarus when you respond please. Thanks.