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Hi, do you guys accept shipping to United Kingdom particularly in Bristol? I am from Sentosa Island, Singapore and I require a few items to be shipped to my sister in the United Kingdom. This is my first time to hire the services of a shipping company and I really wish that it would be a pleasurable experience. I am hesitant to hire any shipping company but when I heard that you can be trusted and one of the best, my doubts were somewhat lightened. Can you send me a full list of your rates including those for speedier deliveries if any? I want to send several boxes of fruits and candies (or more) but I am not sure this is possible. If you know any restricted items that are prohibited, give me a list as well. If I will have a great experience with you, I would surely approach you again as I plan to send more items to my other relatives in other parts of the world like in Cairo, Egypt and Manila, Philippines. Email me as soon as you can because I will be waiting. Thank you and good luck to your company.