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Hello. I am Kim and I need your help with shipping to Switzerland. Actually, I availed of your services about 6 months ago. I was really satisfied with the way you handled by needs back then and your after support staff were friendly and very informative. Now, I am back because I am moving to Zurich, Switzerland from Paris, France and I would like your help once again. During my stay in France, I had accumulated a lot of china – dinnerware, vases, figurines and more. I was wondering if you accept shipping of these really fragile materials. I would be wrapping them myself to ensure that they won’t chip or break. However, I still want assurance that they would arrive at the destination safe and free of any damage. I am not sure yet as to how many boxes all my china pieces would occupy but based on estimate – maybe 8 to 10 large boxes. Please email me your prices as soon as you can. I really want to hire the services of your company since I have already experienced how well your company handled my previous case. Thank you.