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Posted by: Jacoline Girardeau

Hello. Thank you for reading my forum post. I have many questions about how international shipping to Mexico works. Therefore, I will include a few of those questions here. However, I will ask that you send me an information package to my email address that will describe your company's shipping services. I will be shipping from our facility here at Marseilles, France. Please tell me if you how soon your company can be available to provide a pickup service at our facility. Is there some way that you can include your company's shipping rates and any other fees that may be applied to our shipment? Do you also provide insurance coverage? Do you have a standard fee schedule for any insurance coverage we may buy through your company that will provide insurance protection for your shipment? How long will it take you to complete this delivery to Mexico? Do you also offer a delivery service that will guarantee the shipment will be delivered by a certain day? Thank you for making this information available.