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International tools shipping to Korea (South)

Tool A Rama Inc
Posted by: Jim Levitts

My company, Tool A Rama Inc, is in need of a new International shipping company. Specifically we need a new shipper to get some of our goods over to South Korea. Our closest plant is located in Hong Kong so we would be shipping from there. I am looking to start shipping to South Korea by the end of summer so you quick attention to this matter is greatly appreciated as we will need to get the appropriate paperwork and such in order to get ready for the shipping process. A typical order will consist of tools for construction and home use. Examples of these are hammers, nails, bolts, screws and table saws. We have a catalog you can view on line if you are interested or I can send one electronic one if you want. just let me know what you need to make a proper quote. Thank you for your attention to this.