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International cargo shipping to Croatia

Crane Craftsman Corp
Posted by: Karen Lostly

Good morning. Crane Craftsman Corp is currently seeking a new cargo chipper that can handle some International routes for us. We are specifically looking to get a shipper who can handle the route from our warehouse in Marlbor, Slovenia to Sisak, Croatia. We have orders in the queue for us to get to these clients already so time is of the essence in lining up this International cargo shipper. Given the amount of goods that we are trying to ship, we would like some assurance that our product will be safe and securely delivered while in your hands. This assurance can be in the way of insurance we can purchase or a tracking number we can use. The more options you have for us to look at, the better. please respond promptly if you can help with this route as it is in immediate need of filling, although there will be other routes coming available soon.