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Package International shipping to United States
My employer is in the planning stage of package international shipping to the United States. What advice can your company provide to us before we begin shipping? What is the accepted procedure for shi ...
Your Trading & Logistics Agent In China .Import from china. You need a reliable agent to save your money and time . Worldcargo( specializing in international freight shipping from china to the w ...
Containerized International shipping to United Kingdom (UK)
Hello to all and thank you for responding to my inquiry about containerized international shipping to United Kingdom (UK). My company is processing an order that will be ready to load into an empty 45 ...
Package International shipping to Netherlands
I have a few items that I need to ship from my office here at Rome, Italy. What I am here to inquire about is package international shipping to the Netherlands. So if your company provides this servic ...
Package International shipping to Germany
I have an order that is nearly ready to ship, and I need information about international shipping to Germany. Although I anticipate your company sending an information package that will likely respond ...
Package International shipping to United Arab Emirates
Yes, I am here to inquire into Package International shipping to United Arab Emirates. My employer has received an order for a few items, and I must admit that we have not previously shipped to this l ...
Containerized International shipping to New Zealand
My company is located at Pescara, Italy, and we are preparing the first shipment to a new customer. We anticipate there to be more shipments after this one, so we would prefer to establish a working r ...
Shipping a barrel from Vancouver, Canada to The island of Grenada Caribbean.
Hi, I'm interested in finding out more about shipping a barrel or more from Vancouver Canada to the island of Grenada. Price? Timing? Rates? Please email me ASAP. Moving there this summer for Medical ...
Shipping between france and Reunion island (RUN)
Dear Madam, Dear sir, I'm studying the best way to optimize the air freight between France and RĂ©union Island. I'm acting as a consultant to several supermarkets who wish to import food products a ...
International Shipping to Malta
My employer has tasked me to arrange international shipping to Malta for a shipment of merchandise. This merchandise will be packaged and palletized on four pallets and ready for pickup by this time n ...
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