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International Shipping to Chile
My uncle has asked me to send him some office supplies that I purchased from a local shop here in the United States. Therefore, I have posted here to request information about international shipping t ...
Art Shipping to Bulgaria
We are an art cooperative located in the Caribbean with local headquartersa on several islands. We need to send local arts and craft items to our customers and are looking for a company to provide ...
Secure International Shipping to Bosnia-Herzegovina
We are a legal company located in Wellington, New Zealand. We need to send material to our customers and are looking for a company to provide secure international shipping to Bosnia-Herzegovina fr ...
Furniture Shipping to Belize
Hello. We are retirees moving to Belize in March of 2013. We want to know how much it will cost to move our furniture from Madrid (Spain) to Belize and are looking for furniture shipping to Belize. ...
Shipping to Belarus from the United States
I want information concerning shipping to Belarus from the United States. There is no rush for this package to be delivered, so I do not require information about express shipping. I only request info ...
Shipping to Mexico
My family and I are going to be moving in February from Coburg, Germany to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for work reasons. We have just recently purchased a home there so will need help moving our entire ho ...
Shipping to Lithuania
The Phoenix Advanced Degree Learning Institute helps students all across the globe achieve their dreams of a higher education. We have just started working with students in Lithuania though and need ...
International Shipping to Kuwait
I request the services of a company that is experienced with international shipping to Kuwait. Please email me if this is your company's experience. Also include your pricing, time to delivery, tracki ...
Express Shipping to Hungary
Thank you for reading my inquiry. I have the need for express shipping to Hungary services from an experienced company. This company should also be able to deliver this package on time and undamaged. ...
Express Shipping to Greece
I want to send a package by using express shipping to Greece services. I look to receive contact from a reputable company who has a great amount of experience in this field. The shipment is a box o ...
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